Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin recharge is very easy and simple, but sometimes you may have some questions or may need some additional information. We put together a few common questions and answers to help you in this process.

Yes, in any terms.

Hey, it's Bitcoin! We like to keep the fees as low as possible. We are working worldwide with the most important Mobile Network Operators together to give you the most competitive prices.

No, there are no fees at all.

Your privacy is king here. The only information needed to make a top-up on is the recipient's mobile number. We advise you to also enter a Bitcoin address where we can reimburse your payment in case something goes wrong. That's all we need to know from you. Enjoy the annonimity with BTCrecharge! If you want, you can sign up for our (very infrequently) newsletter, in this case you may enter your E-mail address.

The top-up arrives shortly after your Bitcoin payment. Sometimes it only needs a few seconds, sometimes 10-15 minutes. As miner prioritize Bitcoin transactions based on their fees, we advise you to use a wallet with at least normal priority miner fee. Transactions are sent then with a miner fee to get included within the next 20 blocks (on average).

Some mobile networks deliver a PIN. Just enter your mobile phone number, if necessary chose the correct carrier, select the desired package. After payment (wait for confirmation) the PIN will be shown on the same page. Don't refresh the page.

Nothing can be done... We can't refund top-ups delivered to incorrect numbers, or phone numbers in a different country.

Partial payments can't be accepted, that's why you have to pay the missing amount to the same BTC address during the initial 15 minutes time frame, or the order will fail. If this happens, the amount paid will be refunded to the provided BTC address.

Sure, payments can be made also with the most popular Altcoins, at checkout just click the button "Pay with Altcoin". Payments will be made over our partner .

Some countries applies VAT to the top-up recharge. That means that we have to apply VAT and that amount ist substracted from the final price.

If you have questions regarding your top-up order, you may want to shot us a message over our Contact Page, or directly at . Please include as much information as you can provide, so we can track your recharge order.

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