Terms of Service

This terms of service policy is effective as of July 1, 2016.

Your use of this website indicates your acceptance of this legal notice in it's entire form. Also, these terms of service may be updated or changed at any time at our discretion and your continued use of our website indicates your acceptance of any changes or updates.
It is your sole responsability for entering the correct information like Mobile Phone Number, selecting the correct Mobile Network Operator, selecting the correct Country and selecting the desired recharge value.

Top-ups and recharge PINs are digital products that do not require physical delivery.
Top-ups are sent to the recipient's mobile phone you entered on the order form and in case of recharge PINs these are shown on the order page, after the payment is confirmed.

We are using third party products and services on our website. These third party sites and operators have separate and independent terms of service and policies. We therefor have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these operators.

As a general rule, refunds are not available for successfully completed top-up and PIN delivery.

We can refund only payments for top-ups that couldn't be delivered. For this event, on the order page, you have to enter a BTC address where we can send the amount back to you.

We can't refund top-ups delivered to incorrect numbers, or phone numbers in a different country.

Top-ups and PINs delivered to numbers you can't access anymore can't be refunded.

If there are any questions regarding this terms of use policy, you may contact us.